City Development & Branding Strategies
For any city to develop, grow and establish its distinct identity, the agencies governing the city should work towards a brand for the city that reflects the following qualities:

» Ambition
» Opportunity
» Creativity
» Innovation
» Innovation

To achieve the above high standards of quality, the focus should be on stimulating creativity within the city’s residents, workers and employers. Development of their talents, creating opportunities for cultural, social and educational development, business development and job generation need equal emphasis. Above all, creation of facilities and services for citizens and visitors is of paramount importance to unleash the potential of any city.

FFC has wide experience in the areas of City Visioning, Branding and Development Strategies having advised various city governments like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, and Agra etc.

Stakeholder Alignment
The city managers, corporators, citizens, business and industrial establishments, civil society organizations, educational institutions, etc. are stakeholders of any city. For the city to achieve its vision, mission, goals and objectives, it is imperative that all the stakeholders are identified, motivated and brought together on a common platform. To achieve this, at every stage their participation has to be ensured to give them a sense of involvement in city’s developmental activities.

Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Hyderabad Water Board and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation are amongst some of the city agencies that FFC advised and worked with closely for strengthening their Stakeholder Alignment.

Capacity Building & Knowledge Products
Capacity Building is a process that involves value added instructions, training of trainers, activities with multiplier effects and networking. It involves both institutional capacity building as well as human capacity building. Capacity building is much more than merely training and includes the following:

» Human Resource Development
» Organizational Development

With a motivated and well-trained workforce, the local government can design and develop strategies and initiatives which could be customized and become knowledge products and guidance material for future applications.
Team FFC is a confluence of experts from diverse fields who combine their richness of experience with the rigors of academic research.

Institutional Reforms & E-governance Implementation
Any governance process has to constantly evolve and update itself to keep pace with the growing needs of the city and the aspirations of the citizens. For this, the local governments undertake institutional reforms for good governance and efficient service delivery to citizens. Rapid urbanization and exponential growth of cities have necessitated the automation of various service processes like electricity and water bill payments, property tax payments, etc.

E-governance is a niche area requiring extensive technical expertise. FFC is actively engaged in advising city governments in their e-Governance initiatives.

Tourism & Local Economic Development
Every City has to fully exploit its tourism potential to attract visitors and given an impetus to local economic development. This is possible only through providing high standards of tourist facilities like transportation, boarding & lodging facilities, tourist guides, civic amenities, good roads etc.

FFC provided extensive knowledge support for conducting a survey to identify the various temples and heritage sites in and around Tirupati to convert the Tirupati Region into a Tourism Corridor and Heritage Circuit. In this connection, FFC was also involved in the preparation of a Detailed Project Report which has been submitted to Union Ministry of Tourism Development

Service Delivery/Impact Assessment
Efficient service delivery constitutes a key element in the effective governance of a city. A city has to deliver on its promises to keep its citizenry satisfied and involved. Effective delivery of services like uninterrupted electricity and water supply, availability of proper sanitation and waste management mechanisms etc. ensure that a city government is moving along the lines of its laid down vision, mission, goals and objectives.

FFC conducted an extensive survey and advised the then Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (now GHMC) on appropriate locations for providing public toilets. FFC also advised Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam on creation of theme parks like Remembrance Park etc.

FFC was actively involved in the 24/7 water supply initiative of Hyderabad Water Board at Adikmet covering about 5000 households

Development Communication Strategy

A reform process succeeds only when it is understood and supported by the people most affected by it. Therefore, strategic use of effective communication serves as a tool for social transformation, behaviour change and consensus building.

Recognizing the need for a Communication Strategy, Hyderabad Water Board, a progressive and reform-oriented water utility, sought the services of FFC to design and implement a Comprehensive Communication Strategy to address the following key challenges faced by the Board:

» Water Conservation
» Poor billing & collection
» Non-revenue Water
» Rain Water Harvesting
» Lack of awareness among people about Board’s efforts

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