Corporates for Cities

We at Foundation for Futuristic Cities in partnership with British Deputy High Commission are selecting YOUNG LEADERS of Hyderabad from the best educational institutions in Hyderabad. This event is part of our CORPORATES FOR CITIES initiative that aims at involving Corporates to make Hyderabad a sustainable world class city.



  • We will be selecting 2 Young Leaders (I team) from each participating educational institute by having a Pecha Kucha event.


  • Each participating Educational Institute will hold this event on their premises and will have 15 teams of 2 participants competing.
  • Each team will have to present 20 slides within 20 seconds per slide on the topic: “One Great Idea to Shape Hyderabad into a Smart City”.  This one great idea should be articulated in detail, dynamically and with clarity.
  • The Young Leaders of Hyderabad will be selected by a jury of 3 distinguished members.


  • There will be one winning team from each educational institute.


  • These winners will join the elite group of Young Leaders of Hyderabad and will be working on a high profile project. 


  • The winners photograph and details will be displayed on our portal Corporates for Cities.

Suggested Topics

  • Traffic - Chaos to Control
  • Carpooling
  • E-waste Management
  • Nailing Noise Pollution
  • Water Conservation
  • Cell phones Nuisance to New-Sense
  • How to use Internet for your City effectively
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Greening is Glamorous
  • Mobile Apps
  • Technology for Tomorrow
  • Sustainable and Stylish Fashion
  • Galvanizing the Youth for a World Class City
  • Anything New, Innovative, Exciting and Implementable


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